Hidden Tribe: Instructions

Hidden Tribe is a mobile digital public art documentary project that reinterprets the colonial history inscribed on the landscape of Groton. The viewer downloads the project onto their video iPod and then goes on a tour of significant sites. The viewer follows award winning filmmaker Liz Canner's journey as she tries to find out which Native American tribe originally inhabited Groton and what happened to them. Along the way she encounters some of the dynamic local characters that live in Groton. Her task turns into quite a difficult adventure with an unexpected conclusion.

As the viewers watch the video segments while standing on historical sites they are asked to explore their own relationship to the landscape and the past.

To download videos onto your iPod, right-click and save to Desktop (Windows/Linux) or control-click then select `Download linked file' (Mac), on the stills here. If the file-name ends in .txt you will need to edit the filename to end in .m4v to be recognized as video files. Then import them into iTunes, finally drag them onto your iPod.

Print out the tour map here. The tour begins at the Groton Historical Society. When you are standing at a particular site, watch the video that corresponds to the site name. Many of these sites are quite beautiful and worth exploring.